All items will be charged post & packaging to royal mail charges. Rates will vary, due to the weight of the individual toys all being made from Hardwoods.

You may e-mail or telephone your order to me.

With regards to the Xmas Decorations, please remember that each ITEM is £1.50p unless otherwise stated. They are coded to make ordering easier.

All Toys are subject to normal wear and tear conditions. In the unlikely event of their breaking they can be returned for repair.

Truck sizes: These may vary between 40-60 cm long x 10 cm wide.
Gift Tags average 6 cm x 10 cm.
Christmas Stars average 8 cm x 12 cm.
Snowmen average 14 cm x 10 cm.
Santa in Ball average 11 cm.
Angel 1 average 14 cm x 10 cm.
Angel 2 average 16 cm x 8 cm.

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